Manly Stag Do Cocktails You Shouldn't Be Afraid To Order

Posted on 6th January 2023

Dry January? With a stag do around the corner, we’re pretty sure you’re not thinking about that! With that in mind, at Hangover Weekends we thought we’d share with you the most manly cocktails you shouldn’t be afraid to order on your stag weekend.

When you arrive at your first drinking venue with the lads you could follow the crowd and order a pint, but isn’t that just a bit boring for a stag do? It’s your last night of freedom, so make the most of it.

Earn yourself some serious man points and order what can only be described as a “masculine cocktail”. If you’re wondering what’s classed as a manly cocktail, here is our list of approved ones that are perfect for a stag do!


A sazerac is known to be the oldest American cocktail and is one of our favourite manly cocktails. A fiery combination of cognac, absinthe and Peychaud’s bitters and sugar; enjoy in an old fashioned glass as a perfect way to get your stag do off to get a great start.

Whiskey Sour

A classic! Along with bourbon whiskey, sugar and lemon juice; a small amount of egg white is added, then the cocktail is shaken and served. What bloke doesn’t love whiskey?


Not strictly a ‘cocktail’ but definitely a cocktail of ingredients, the snakebite was rumoured to have been illegal to serve the UK at one point. That’s why it earns its place as a manly drink!

It consists of a mix of lager and cider in equal parts, sometimes with a dash of blackcurrant squash. Go on, add it to your stag do drinks list.

Old Fashioned

Served on the rocks, an Old Fashioned cocktail is one of the traditional manly cocktails you just can’t ignore.

The legendary combination of water, sugar, angostura bitters and bourbon whiskey will give you a whole load of man points.

Tom Collins

The clean flavour of a Tom Collins is a crowd pleaser, especially during the summer months when you need to cool down from all the stag do excitement!

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