Party Bag Ideas For Hen Weekends

Posted on 18th April 2023

It’s an exciting time - your best friend is getting married and it’s all up to you to plan the most perfect of hen weekends to send her on her way to wifey lifey! Arranging a top-tier hen party is lots of fun, especially when it comes to planning all the finer details.

At Hangover Weekends, we know all there is to know about planning the most exciting hen weekends to put an instant smile on the bride-to-be’s face, as well as her guests!

While we can help with all the big arrangements, like which top hen weekend activities you’ll be getting up to as well as transport and hotels, the smaller details are down to you.

From thoughtful welcome tokens to care package items to help the ladies survive the weekend antics, we have a host of hen party goodie bag ideas to impress.

Obviously every hen do is different, with a variation of activities and themes, but here are the most popular items to include for hen weekends.

Party bag ideas for hen weekends

Party bags

First things first, you will need a stylish bag to keep all the goodies in. From small paper bags to personalised canvas tote bags, there are so many choices.

You’ll be able to source these from Etsy, or if you’d prefer to see what you’re buying in person Primark is a good shout. Alternatively, any pretty gift bag will do the trick!

Pack the essentials

There are some things that are an absolute must to include in a hen do goodie bag.

Ensure you include an itinerary for the weekend so that everyone knows where to be and when and what’s coming next. Emergency contact details for the bridesmaids and where you’ll be staying is vital to add, as well as taxi numbers if any of the girls want to leave early.

Themed wearables for hen weekends

Of course, no hen party is complete without some themed wearables such as T-shirts, sashes, headbands and flower crowns, badges, name tags, temporary tattoos and fun sunglasses.

In our opinion, the tackier the better!

Fun & games

A weekend is a fairly lengthy amount of time to keep a group of girls amused, so it’s a good idea to plan some fun games to enjoy in between the itinerary you have already set.

Pack stuff like photo/selfie props, bubbles, glowsticks, party poppers, novelty straws, bride-to-be advice cards and printable games everyone can join in with!

Food & drink

Some consumables are a nice addition to any hen party bag. Start with the essentials like mini prosecco bottles (of course!) and a midnight snack, then if you have room add a bottle of water to keep hydrated and some mints or chewing gum to eradicate stale alcohol breath.

First Aid bits

In case of an emergency, it’s probably sensible to pack some medication and other essentials if anyone is starting to feel a little worn out by the hen weekend shenanigans.

Blister plasters, tissues, paracetamol, foldable flat pumps, and Rennie tablets are in our list of must-haves to help you go from defeated to down for anything!

Need help planning hen weekends? At Hangover Weekends we have many options for top hen weekend activities. We can also provide you with a quote for a bespoke, tailor-made package should you require it.

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