Top Tips For Planning A Hen Weekend in the UK

Posted on 27th January 2023

As Maid of Honour, you’ve been given the task of planning a legendary hen weekend in the UK! An extremely important role, you are probably feeling determined to give your Bride To Be an experience she won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

We’re not going to lie, planning hen weekends is hard work, especially because there are so many things to consider. It’s easy to start getting stressed out by the whole experience but at Hangover Weekends we’re here to make the process a lot simpler.

The goal is to make sure the bride says goodbye to single life in style but the process of planning a hen party should be pain-free and enjoyable. That’s why we’ve put together a checklist for planning a hen weekend in the UK!

Quiz the Bride To Be!

A super important place to start, make sure you ask the bride some key questions to help get hen party planning off to a smooth start. Establish her top hen weekend activities, then you can work out a budget, potential dates and who’s going to be invited.

Plan the budget and guest list

If you’ve followed the previous step, you’ll know by now who you are inviting to the hen weekend. We recommend creating an organised spreadsheet to log everyone’s contact details, who has paid and what dates they are available for a weekend to remember!

Next, it's a good idea to set a budget based on the number of people attending the hen do. Discuss this with the bride, so then you can start working out what everyone can afford. You will need to consider accommodation, activities, accessories, food, drink and transportation.

Luckily, at Hangover Weekends we offer many exciting premade hen do packages that include most of these important aspects. Check out our packages here, or alternatively build your own bespoke package.

Make the big decisions

Communication is key when it comes to hen do planning. So, do whatever works best for you and the bridesmaids; a Zoom call, group chat or emails will work perfectly to discuss exactly what needs to be done without having to arrange face to face meet-ups regularly.

If you are planning as a group, work out everyone’s strengths that will contribute to the planning process and delegate! Check in often with each other, so you can give updates on your progress and start making important decisions.

Invite and collect money from guests

Now it’s time to reach out to the guests you’re inviting on the hen weekend. Be sure to give them all the information such as budget, dates, what kind of hen party it will be and deadlines for any payment.

Once you have all the replies, you can put a date in the diary for the hen party and start collecting deposits. At Hangover Weekends, we require only one payment of £50 to secure your chosen hen weekend package!

Book your hen weekend in the UK!

You now have all the finer details, which means it’s time to start making some concrete plans. We invite you to browse our amazing hen packages, boasting top hen weekend activities, or get in touch if you require further assistance creating a bespoke package.

Purchase hen weekend accessories & decorations

It’s time for the finishing touches! As the hen weekend approaches, you might want to buy accessories and decorations. Find out whether the bride has a specific theme in mind before you start making purchases.

Need help planning a hen weekend? At Hangover Weekends we have many options for planning the most memorable hen weekends. We can also provide you with a quote for a bespoke, tailor-made package should you require it.

Get in touch with us by filling in our contact form. Alternatively, give us a call on 0191 500 5091 or drop us a WhatsApp message on 07792995237.